Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yummy411: More Drugstore Beauty, My NYX Spot

The Drugstore Paparazzi is at it again, with the camera phone!

Revlon's new collection LE FINALLY! I hate that I'm finding this in the store and can't get info online. Update people, update! LOL

eyeshadows- In reality these were gorgeous! I wanted a few compacts!

blushes- These looked awesome as well. The names of the products are equally amusing!

lipgloss- These appear vibrant, funky and ready for Spring, but with lipglosses you just never know. Can't trust the promo pic!

glossy lip colors- Ehh..

I wanted to try some of these items, though I've never had much success with many Revlon products. The price tag on these babies were an upwards of $10! No thanks. However, Juvenescent posts weekly about drugstore deals, so I might check them out. Head over there if you want more info on where to shop and discounts!

NYX Cosmetics has been all the rave. I've gotten a few trios over the years and more recently single shadows. I liked them, but I wasn't super impressed until the single pearl shadows debuted. However, the power of a decent base breaks down barriers! Open doors! I've finally found my NYX spot. Nothing like Vanessa's with the brushes and the works, but close enough. I'd never seen NYX foundation, etc. It's 'local' (thanks to the beauty supply stores that set up shop in the urban malls LOL) As much as people talk about malls around the way, you find some of the best hidden gems in those places!

Questions on NYX colors? Check out Francine and her swatches of plenty of NYX shadows to get you revved up!

I actually picked up: (from top clockwise, applied dry) October Sky, Sweet Lagoon, and Cool Blue in an effort to dupe the McQueen collection that I passed up. I may just have to go ahead and go for the real thing, but I like these as well!

I have to do another fotd! I gave Mindy a visit and I'm on cloud 9!


Shawnta said...

I have to start checking out the beauty supply stores for makeup. I usually only look at hair products then with the locs I really don't go that often because I'm not on the hunt for that new "magic" product. I don't think I've been to a real deal in the hood or hood mall beauty supply store since I got back into makeup(Sally's doesn't count especially mines because it doesn't have anything in it LOL)

yummy411 said...

hey shawnta! i like to see what the beauty supply stores have. i'm so glad i checked out this store again to see they got this grand display.. no more hopping from store to store, getting an eye shadow here and a lipgloss there.

now now, i was trying to refrain from saying 'hood malls' because everyone's definition of 'hood isn't the same LOL (which irritates me sometimes) but i see you knew what i meant LOL!

Seymone said...

Hey Yums, you definitely need to do a FOTD on the NYX.. I am trying to hunt down this dang on 222 brush. I need a firm crease brush. I love my 223 but you have to have a steady hand because it is not very firm.. Boo.

(g)ezebel said...

*drools over NYX pic* i can't find NYX anywhere except online. not in the drugstores nor in the mall. i found a few eyeliners in one of those cheap teeny bop girl clothing stores, but that's about it.

agrees with a good base for NYX. i have about 31 of 'em, and i really like them.

you don't like glossy lip glosses? i love 'em! my hubby, though, when he sees my glossiest glosses always says, "geez, woman, have you eaten a whole bucket of fried chicken?!" BAH!

Elle said...

Hey yummy! You got me wanting to hit up my local Walgreens! Love it

yummy411 said...

@ seymone: my new goal is to do an fotd for all the makeup i buy! so one will be coming for the nyx. the 222 brush is a great soft but controlled crease brush. you do your creases wonderfully without it, but i highly recommend it!

@ (g): which are your fav nyx's? what base do you use? oh i love glossy gloss. just i'm never really fond of drugstore lipgloss other than maybe milani and loreal HiP. lol@ greasy fried chicken!

@ elle: yes you have to go! tell us what you pick up! lol

Mrs. Lynne, said...

I wish my display looked like that? That looks more professional. Mine is all displayed more condensed.

Oh, and I did say yes to the 80's challenge on your post :)

Sandy said...

I'm thinking to get them Revlon limited edition products especially the blushes and the olive green eyeshadow quad. It's quite expensive in Sydney, about $30++ a pop >.<

yummy411 said...

@ mrs. lynne: Great! sorry, i guess i could have checked before asking, but it i was thinking about it at the time.

@ sandy k: thanks for stopping by! awww you poor aussies! $30 for revlon. no way!

Afrodite said...

They actaully tore down out local "urban" mall. =(

yummy411 said...

afrodite, what a shame. they may not be so beautiful, but sometimes they have the best deals and steals.