Thursday, August 23, 2007

NYX Eyeshadows

Have you been curious about NYX's new product that has been spotted around in stores? I sure have! I picked up a few items not too long ago. I already owned a few of the trio palettes, but these new, cute, little quilted print shadows in their sleek black pots were calling my name.

In true Kia fashion, I picked up these little minis. Adorable and great colors for the collection!

Pictured below (l-r) Gypsy, Fahrenheit, and Lime Juice.

Of course I liked these colors because they already existed in my collection! I swatched some colors that I felt the shadows were complete dupes of:
(top) Gypsy, (bottom) my fav Twinks by MAC

(top) Lime Juice, (bottom) Bitter by MAC (I think Eyepopping from the C Shock collection would have been a better match, but I didn't buy that because I already had Bitter! lol)

(top)Fahrenheit, (bottom) Expensive Pink by MAC
I know the flash washed out the swatch but you can see that they are close. Expensive Pink has a bit more gold.

These shadows are velvety with a bit more fall out or maybe I should call it "color pick up" lol, a good buy nonetheless, especially because of the color payoff. If you don't have the MAC colors, definitely pick up the NYX. Each one has a $3.99 price tag.

And from yours truly.. an fotd (umm not using the NYX colors) =)
p.s. don't mind the date stamp! lol
(All MAC unless otherwise stated)
face- nothing
cheeks- shimpagne and northern light msf, covered with a touch of Milani powder foundation to
get rid of the extreme shine
eyes- CoverGirl Queen collection creme foundation as concealer with a bit of pressed powder on
top, cork e/s in brows, leisure time e/s on lid, plummage e/s in crease, concealer to highlight, black liner, and Max Factor 2000 calorie
mascara, NYC lashes
lips- en pointe lipgloss with a sheer slick of up the amp lipstick!


Anonymous said...

Excellente!!!!!!! You have the eye game on lock!!!

yummy411 said...

thanks diva!

Karen said...

love it! you are so pretty in purples and pinks. are you wearing false lashes? i bet baby yum gets a kick out of those.

yummy411 said...

hey karen! yes i'm wearing false lashes. i don't think he noticed or he was sleep.

i will tell you a story though (there's always a story when you bring up babyyum lol). he drew a pic of his dad and told me that his dad has 2 eyes. then he drew me, but i had about 8. i asked him to draw me a pic with just 2 eyes. he said, "you want 2 eyes? with makeups mommy?" "oh yes, please!" i said, lol. gotta love the kids!

Anonymous said...
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