Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eyeliner Help..

Apple Diva asked for some eyeliner help. Yummy411 has got some basic tips for you!

Start out with a sharpened pencil. We have options of eye pencils/kohls (pencils), technakohl liners (various names for various companies; pencils that don't need to be sharpened), liquid liners, and gel based liners. Pencils are easiest to use, so we'll start with that. My picks: MAC eye kohl liner in Teddy or Prunella, N.Y.C. liner in Black, or Lancome's Design Color Duo Pencil in Posh Purple. Keep your pencil as close to the lash line as possible, starting from inner corner to outer corner. This isn't law, but whatever works for you.

It should look like this:

Did your line turn out like this instead?:

Don't worry.. it takes practice, but until you get a good straight line, you can take a smugde stick, cotton swab or the shadow applicator that comes with a lot of drugstore cosmetics and go over the line, like this:

Here's what both look like:
(My left eye is straight pencil and my right is smudged out.)

Putting on liner seals and neatens eyeshadow. Using different colors accentuates the eyes and compliments shadow colors. The smudged out liner, is part of the steps to creating smokey eyes!

Now, we are going to line the bottom of the eye. This time with a gel based liner. My choice MAC Fluidline Liner. To do this, I'm using my trusty, flat brush on my two sided eyebrow brush.
Don't laugh at the busted comb side. This is my friend and I use it frequently! Hush! I'm getting my nails done soon too! lol

I dip the brush in the potted color and go from inside to outside corner, more or less brushing my bottom hairline. A lot of people get a clean, sleek look by putting the color on the waterline (the part of the lower lid that is wet) but that's pretty serious and should only be done with a lot of practice. I won't do it here, but this fluidline is a good coating on the waterline. You'll find that a lot of liners just rub off because it's wet there. There are other brushes that can give an even better effect like MAC's #209 brush*, but we can upgrade when we get really good at this. (*sigh* I have to add brush #209 to my wish list. My double sided eyebrow brush is better for the upper lid than the lower lid.)
Here's what we have:

To clean up down there, I used my smudge stick. Even in my efforts not to hit my waterline, I still managed to get more closer to it on my left eye than the right. Tip: Dip brush light handedly and then add as needed. Also, when I'm doing my makeup, I use liner before mascara as to not mess up my lash work =)

Practice, practice, practice! Some people prefer just to line the lower lid, some only line the upper lid (like me.) I usually do all around when going out for a more sultry look. Have fun! Hope this helped and let me know what you used and what you did..... =)

*Please don't think that I feel MAC is be all, end all. I just love their products and can think /refer to their products a little easier. There are all different products for your needs in different places.


Paula D. said...

Great post! Can you do one on false eyelashes?

Anonymous said...

"Yummy", I really enjoyed this article!! I hope you are ready to come on board with Ms. Fab as an artist. We could definitely use you :-) We'll talk later about that!

I wanted to suggest another great liner for daily use that would be great using the techniques that you talked about in your article as well. It's the Clinique "Cream Shaper for Eyes". Of course they have many colors, but my fav. is "101 Black Diamond". It's a soft black, so it gives your eyes a nice mystique without being too harsh. It runs about 14 bucks...That may sound a little steep for some, but it's a great buy! So, check this out if you are ready for something new for your make up bag that you can use on a daily basis. I guarantee it will be an instant fav! (Umm, Clinique needs to send me a check for this advertisement..LOL!)

yummy411 said...

@ antoinette: thanks for the recommendation! of course, i'm always on your team, even if i'm standing around to fetch eyeshadows or concealer =) wanna help with a false lash post for paula d??

@paula d: we got your covered! coming soon!

juiicySCOOP said...

LMAO@The Busted COMB!! Ughh I can never get my eyeliner right, so I just throw a shitload of it on, then use a lot of eye shadow to cover it up. Great tips Yummylicious!

yummy411 said...

thanks juiicy!

Anonymous said...

Wow Yummy! I learned a lot...
this was really helpful information! :)
Kristina I.

yummy411 said...

i'm glad you did kris... i couldn't show this cuz i had to take my own pics lol, but if you need to, you can slightly pull the outer corner of your eye outward/back toward your temple with your index finder so that there will be a smooth lid to draw the line. good luck!

applediva was the post helpful?

Anonymous said...

Great lesson,

Other questions, I dont have big beautiful eyes as you obviously do so what do you suggest to open up my smaller eyes, if you know what I mean? Should I line both upper and lower lids or just maybe the upper eyelid and how do I use mascara on my bottom lashes without sticking myself in the eye..oopzzzzz


Unknown said...

I'm about sent a MySpace Bulletin out on!...just joking!

That was so helpful and fab! You know I can't get that whole eyeliner thing. I'm going to print this out!

I agree with paula d., one on false lashes please!!!!!


Anonymous said...


This post is awesome. I will let you know how it turns out. I am a MAC fan also, so I know how you feel. :D

yummy411 said...

@ muthasfynest: to widen your eyes, you can line the top and lower lid, but use a white liner on your 'wet rim/ waterline' or skip the liner on the lower lid and use mascara on your lashes (upper and lower.) You also can put a light shade of shadow in the inner corners of your eye, slightly lining about 1/5 of your lower lid with a light/white liner... oh what the heck.. this shall be a post also with pics of my different ideas.

@rebellebap & applediva: i'm so glad i can help... i hope to get a new camera soon... the off colors and haziness of my pics kill me! ladies, i got some lashes tonite, so that post will be on its way soon=) thanks everyone for reading.. and commenting!

yummy411 said...

okay guys.. thought of something else to add.. for liner, you can also use eyeshadow wet or shadow over a dark liner for more colorful effects.. that's all folks haha!

Anonymous said...


I figured it out. I do not have the Kohl pencil. I will put that on my list for MAC.