Monday, February 03, 2014

Moment of Pride: La Femme Blushes in the Z Palette

Read below why I'm so proud of this palette and mini reviews of La Femme blushes and the Z Palette!

I've been a fan of the Z Palette system for a while--  sturdy casing with a magnetized, open space system for different sized makeup pans.   A definite must have when going to the trade shows! So perfect for your kit or personal makeup collection. I had one that I hadn't put to use, until I was going thru my stash, condensing it and trying to use up what I have. What better way to put my large, black Z Palette to use than to house my lovely collection of La Femme blushes in it!  This palette fit all 10 blushes!  The palette also came with thin, self adhesive, round magnets if you have cosmetics that aren't in a metal pan.  I didn't need them, but great to have!

I finally ordered my La Femme blushes from MakeupMania over the Spring of 2013 after stalking Devin's blog and Helena's blog aaannddd watching Tia work  her magic....using their purchases as guides.  At $3 per pan, what was taking me so long? I think I was apprehensive as I am with most online retailers when making my first purchase.  Once I received the blushes I wasn't disappointed.  These inexpensive, pigmented blushes pack a punch! MakeupMania shipped them in a decent amount of time.  I would definitely order from them again.  I didn't buy the 12 well palette that is designed for the blushes. so they sat in their shipping box for protection (they came as individual pans in little baggies in mini envelopes). The Z Palette was perfect for them!

I feel so proud of this palette. I wish I had done this before investing in my custom MAC blush palette.

I look at the colors and get excited for the possibilities!

Since Blogger refused to rotate my picture, I'll list the colors top to bottom, left row and right row:
Left Row-
Soft Beige
Flamingo Pink
Purple Passion

Right Row-
Golden Rose
Sunkissed Dawn
Golden Sunset
Check out my swatches here.   I hope to use the blushes soon in FOTD's!Do you have La Femme blushes?  What are your favorite blushes?


Kameko said...

I love my Lafemme blushes, haven't used them in a while since I have been on a dolce vita kick. I think i will dust them off in the morning and do a look now after reading your post :)

The Cosmetic Diet Blog said...

i think i use my lafemme blushes more than i use my mac, nars, and other high end blushes actually! lol the colors are lovely and highly pigmented and the price? you really can't beat that. i still don't own a z palette but that's okay, because that means i'd have to fill it up and i think for now i have enough makeup lol

yummy411 said...

@ kameka: oohh fab!

@ Joanne: lol! what's your favorite blush color?

The Cosmetic Diet Blog said...

my favorite from la femme is purple passion.

Tanya said...

Nice blushes, I'd love to see a swatch of the lilac blush.