Friday, August 13, 2010

Go Mommy Go: Go Greens!

I was reading my dear friend Mildred's blog, BeautyLogic when I came across her top notch healthy Morning smoothie post, which helps her kick her new mommy, baby weight to the curb. I thought, "Wow I love smoothie idea and the Garden of Life Perfect food she adds to it." While I've done my green smoothies etc., I've found that they aren't as convenient as I need them to be in my daily hustle and bustle. My quest for greens on the go led me to Greens to Go Go Greens drink mix. I already carry bottled water. I add the mix and go! Cool right? They even have it in my favorite green apple flavor, yum! Compared to other healthy/diet supplement mixes I've tasted in the past, this isn't bad at all. Looks much worse than it tastes. I still strive for the real thing, but to SUPPLEMENT I drink the Go Greens mix!

Have you tried Go Greens? Do you have any solutions to getting nutrition on the go? Keeping up with our health is beautiful!


Unknown said...

imma try that! sounds yummy!

antithesis said...

someone tweeted that they spent $150 on whole foods tryna get her smoothie. i'm inclinde to try your way first.

Anonymous said...

I love the Go Greens it helps a lot...I normally just grab a bottle of Activate before running out the door...its a bottle of water that you twist the top and it releases vitamins and minerals :)

-California Girl
Girls Guide to Beauty

yummy411 said...

@ jamie: let me know how you like it!

@ antithesis: wow $150. yeh the real deal isn't cheap at all and apparently ppl are adding these supplements to those smoothies.. sigh.. i try!

@ california girl: i need to try activate! sounds good!

Angela said...
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