Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yummy411: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Loose Foundation, Updates

DC's Emancipation Day deserved a trip to the MAC counter! Just kidding! With the Pope's visit to our town over shadowing everything, this holiday was practically dismissed. I wish that we, as a town, would come up with an annual festivity/ tradition of some type for this important day.
On to the makeup.....
"A lightweight loose powder foundation that utilizes the power of minerals to provide the skin with a smooth, radiant, natural finish. Brushes on the skin for sophisticated, medium-buildable coverage. Special mineral complex helps keep skin healthy and nourished while the blend of moisturizers and conditioners in the formula help create a smooth, flawless application. Provides essential everyday SPF 15 sun protection." - Nordstrom's verbage.

My homie Mrs. Lynne gives you a full, in depth run down.

My interest was piqued a while back about the MSF loose powder foundation. Since then, I've tried to watch the Specktra boards on reactions and so forth. I've also talked to other MA's about their thoughts. Two at another counter said, "The coverage is much sheerer than the pressed." Another today said, "No, this is an actual foundation, so the coverage is heavier." I say, whatever, they are all buildable so to be honest, I don't know what's what yet . Right now, I'm lead to believe that this is just a loose form of the pressed powders, but time will tell. I can say wearing the pressed alone is sheer, but I tried the loose form (I'm matched as medium dark) initially on my bare skin applied with a MAC #187 and it was ultra sheer, I didn't think I had on anything. ??????????? Then, I tried it over Strobe Liquid and I wouldn't want a traditional foundation in between. I liked the strobe liquid and MSF loose together (with some bronzer) ALOT!

Final verdict: Nice, not essential
*If you already have the pressed version, stick with it.
*Don't have either, but want one- flip a coin.

(me in the msf loose over strobe liquid... this was not a full face makeup day!)


And.. on to the updates:

L'Oreal Infallible Lipgloss: I gave it another shot. Nice (interesting) formula. After a few, it thickens up a tad and gets sticky, not an uncomfortable sticky, but if you continue to rub your lips back and forth it seems that you may be disrupting the process of it sticking in place. By the umpteenth hour, I knew it was still hanging in there, but just felt it needed to be wiped away. I don't think it helped that I got a not so nice color. Even at it's sale price of $7.99 from $9.99, I'm just not feeling into it. I might exchange for a different color.. 3rd time's a charm eh?

Coastal Scent Duo Fibre Brush (original black handle) I didn't even get to use it yet, nor review it! Damn! I don't feel like the hassle of shipping back and forth. I'll get some super glue... damn!

LOTD (Look of the day)

I wanted to show my Heatherette goodies some love, so I wore this to lunch with the boss lady and staff. It's a watered down version of xsparkage's look. It was still day time and I was with the office folk, so I couldn't go all out like her. I left my Otherworldly paint pot at home, so my Mood Ring shadow looks hella different.

(all MAC unless otherwise stated)Eyes: layin low paint pot as base, mood ring e/s on lid, cloudburst e/s in crease with a bit of ben nye's cosmic violet grand lumiere powder over it (my pink pearl pigment dupe) and a bit of moth brown in my outer v. L'Oreal HiP pigment in exciting as my highlight and tear duct highlight, Maybelline liquid liner lined top lid and mystery kohl power pencil on lower lash line.

Face: MSF Natural (pressed) in medium plus, sincere blush

Lips: (I showed C-Shock some love too) my never used overrich l/s .. didn't wear this out with the office though!


ilurvemakeup said...

See told ya they're crap... *hugs* How do get your brows perfect like that?!?!?! Did you make a tut already on how you fill them in??? Let me know please <3

Virtuous Blue said...

lol, the SAME exact thing happened to me before I even got a chance to use one of my CS brushes. I was too lazy to complain about it as well, so I just tried to console myself with the wonders of Super Glue (still have yet to even glue that thing tho lol).


Shen said...

my flawless angled brush loosened as well. :( so far my other brushes are okay. thank GOD. :)

Love this look!! :)

Amina said...

Seymone also reviewed the product and I tried to find it on the MAC website but it is not there. Apparently, it is released only at Nordstrom...well..I love the way it looks natural on you and just gives you some serious glow...

yummy411 said...

@ ilurvemakeup: hey lurve! LOL... hahaha.. crap+superglue=aight/ok in my book..LOL

i did a tut on my brows if you check under the eyebrows category, but i need to update. i only changed one step, but it's pretty much the same! thanks love lurve!

@ virtuous blue: i've gotta see your video! every time i think about it, i can't watch it where i am. ughh.. will this happen often? i so want to love the brushes!

@ shen: thank you! oh no not your brushes as well!! *sad face*

@ nywele: thank you! i know.. i think ultimately i got it because of seymone! however, i do have to credit 90% of the glow to the strobe liquid, my new concealer and some blush to liven things up!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... SH's new loose powder is packaged like MAC's Loose Foundation. I might look for it at Ulta today.

Gasp! This is the second time I've heard about a Coastal Scents brush falling off the handle, and I've just ordered two brushes myself. What have I done?!?

Lydia said...

Your skin looks so nice in the top picture!

yummy411 said...

@ mandypandy: really? oooohhh a new review coming our way! yippee!

sadly, yes.... this is my second brush like this... just buy some super glue for backup! LOL

@ lydia: thanks!!

B said...

I mad as hell 'bout those brushes breakin' like that. Oh can't really complain when they are so freakin' cheap.

But stillll.....your FOTD is beautiful. You are inspiring me a bit because I haven't put on make-up since our 80's challenge. And even then....that was only for THAT day. What's wrong with me? I'm in a funk, I think.

yummy411 said...

brit.. really! i just have to remember to have some super glue handy.

thank you girl!! yay! i'm glad i can be inspiration cuz alot of times, i want to do something just plum out of ideas or the mood to be creative ya know? i thought you were taking time out to appreciate your skin? either way, i know how it feels to be in a funk too. you'll come out of it sooner or later!

Anonymous said...

Dangit, I was looking forward to getting MAC's loose foundation. I have been using concealer and MSF Natural as foundation instead of the BR liquid foundation (tired of the burn of the liquid). Now, I will have to go Nordstrom to see if the product is worth my time and money.

nilla cookie said...

Like the review of the loose foundation! I wasn't really into it, but if I mix it with my Strobe liquid - now THAT'S a different story! I might have to try this now. Thanks for the idea Kia - you're bomb! :D

Afrodite said...

Your eyebrows are so purdy!

MakeupByRenRen said...

ohhh pretty! i love the look!

yummy411 said...

@ apple diva: yes, i suggest you check it out for yourself. be concious of what brush they use on you and how much. i won't be able to really tell if i got my money's worth until i play around with it alot more.

@ nilla cookie: thanks nills!! def try it.. oh and add a touch of bronzer.. the glow is kinda white.

@ afrodite: thank you!

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you! and thanks to xsparkage hahahaa!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

I guess coverage for us all is very different. I'm not really used to using heavy coverage because I hate seeing it under my nails as I shamefully run my mitts on my face throughout the day :P Hah.

But I agree, it's not necessary. I like my Select Sheer Pressed Powder and would have gladly settled for that but was just curious - damn it! Lol.

Love the look too! The purple with light blue goes very well together.

(g)ezebel said...

love your eyeshadows!!

hmm, i was considering getting the loose powder, but you're right, i can just stick with my pressed powder form.

good think i never bought any of those brushes!!

yummy411 said...

@ mrs. lynne: i'm saving my box and receipt until i have a clear cut opinion on this stuff. =/

@ (g): yup! i'm sure i'll have an update on all of this later. well, for the price, i'm not too upset. super glue will remedy this.

Lacroix said...

Yummy, I was looking forward to a new powder and disappointingly, this wasn't it.
my skin was red when the MA applied it b/c her 129 brush poked my skin but I'm in-between deeper dark and deep dark..
however, I did like the coverage and the fact that it had SPF but it just wasn't working for me.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

You look so nice with and without makeup! I love your skin. I made my very first MAC purchase Thanks to you, and your wonderful readers in the hyperpigmentation post!!!! The photofinish concealer looks soooooooooo natural It has changed my life lol. I may never go back to Sephora again. Except for my Nar Orgasm gloss. Can you recommend any Mac glosses that are similar!?

yummy411 said...

@ lacroix: eww that's horrible! i remember an MA's brush really poking my face and she looked at me in disbelief until she tried it on her face... now i'm so conscious of that if i'm doing someone else's makeup. i try to condition my brushes often! so where was the powder lacking in your opinion if you liked the coverage?

@ dollfaced rebel: i'm glad you had success with the concealer! (ooh please don't blame me when your wallet doesn't love MAC as much, promise?) LOL. MAC's dupes of Orgasm gloss may be Nymphette lipglass or Love Nectar lustreglass. There are so many dupes of Orgasm's pinky gold color out there!

Amina said...

update: I got my order in today and am loving the product!!
It looks great also with Ambering rose. Thanks for your review. It really made me look into picking up the product...

JANE said...

You in strobe liquid and MSF loose together is SO pretty. You're GLOWING. I love it and the nude lippie matches your overall look. I can't stop saying how good you look! You look SO good!! LOL

yummy411 said...

@ nywele: thanks for the update! I'm glad you love it. what do you love about it? share! share! or do a post =))

@ ladyjane: awwww thank you!!! yes strobe liquid all over really makes you glow. i have to down it down a bit LOL!

Anonymous said...

Ooh the strobe cream looks great on you!