Friday, February 22, 2008

Yummy411: Random Beauty

Eyes-Cash flow p/p, loreal HiP pigment in Exciting on lid and as highlight, Blue Storm e/s on the outer 1/3 of my lid and lower lashline, Ulta's Bisque e/s in my crease, and Twinks in my outer crease. Stubborn brown liner to line top lid, Wet n Wild white kohl to liner inner rim and Loreal Voluminous for the lashes.

Brows -Cork e/s to fill, concealer to sculpt.

Face-Airmist foundation (med dark), MSF Natural powder

Cheeks-(I was playing around in MAC and Sephora) Tarte's Bronze gel stain and Vervacious IPP on one cheek, Tarte's Sunkissed gel stain and Sassy IPP on the other.

Lips-Hover lipliner, 1N lipstick and Sugar Trance lipgloss

I'm challenging myself to do an FOTD for all the new makeup I've bought for myself to be encouraged to use it and not let it collect dust. Slvrlips (bka Nikkia) is joining me, so check her out for more FOTD's. Any more takers? Are you gonna hold us to it?

Please excuse my horrid dark circles in the pic above. Is this how I look (the pic below)? Well, this is how I feel.

I did conceal them, but I've been sleep deprived and uber tired for the past week. Besides, I'm in terrible lighting. Whatever, I have dark circles. Period. End of story.

Since Fafi, I've become a paint pot fanatic!! I tried a paint pot out as a base before when they originally debuted around the Novel Twist collection and it creased on me, so I was anti paint pot. I tried it with UDPP this time around and bingo! I'm a paint pot whore. Wednesday was a dreary day (cold weather, PMS-ing) and all I wanted was a paint pot from my fave MAC store. I attempted to go, but that mission was busted. Not having the opportunity to get the paint pot just killed everything. LOL! So what paint pots should I get from the permanent line? I have Perky and I loooove it!

I gave Mindy a visit. Can you tell? The brows aren't as symmetrical, but they are clean and that makes me super happy.

Slimshines in Bare and Voile have caught my attention. Naturally, I would pick Bare as VG5 has been my favorite forever. Bare falls right into that family of nude pinks with VG5 being a touch more brown. Voile appeals to the frost lover in me. Not So Innocent, Gel and 1N lipsticks are among my favorites. Gel and 1N lipsticks are truly the same thing. Voile is a clear gloss/balm with gold sparkle just in stick form. Great to top off other lipsticks, but I'm sure I'll wear it alone. Boring I know! I just need lippies that can wear great alone or with a full face of makeup. I'm a mom on the go or not really going anywhere. So I while I love color, my color has to work with my lifestyle.



On new MAC collections: MSF Natural Loose Powders and Strobe

MSF Natural lovers listen up!
I was talking to a MAC MA last night. He pumped up the new loose MSF powders that are coming out. After all, the pressed MSF powders applied with a kabuki brush were supposed to be all that. So what could make the loose powders any better? He said that the loose powder with the sponge applicatior gives more coverage and a more even application. He told me that the pressed powders are more sheer and that the kabuki doesn't apply as evenly as the sponge would. Say it isn't so? His opinion or fact? I guess we'll have to wait and find out! For those of you that love your MSF Natural powder as much as I do, are you intrigued?

The Strobe collection (3/2008) is supposed to give us the Strobe Cream (that's already part of the permanent line), strobe lotion (that's not as pearly or thick as the strobe cream) and 5 Strobe lipglasses.
I didn't quite like strobe cream because I felt it was a tad to creamy/oily for my taste and I love the iridescent look (of course that list of shimmers and bronzers has grown immensely!). Strobe cream didn't offer up enough. To give you an idea of how much I love iridescent sheen, I love MAC's hyperreal foundation, adding the loose beauty powder and pigments as highlights or mixing them in foundation. Yum! [ETA] I'm most excited about the strobe lipglasses. How will they compare to the 3d lipglasses? I couldn't find one to really appreciate in that line, since I'm a huge fan of Palatial lipglass that to my dismay was an LE item and no longer available. I love the green iridescence in that (Hence, my love for the High Top l/s from Fafi.)

Grrrrr... all of those times I've gone to the drugstore and have taken pics of products, I have yet to go back and actually purchase something! I don't want to miss out on the sale!

My Big Idea
I want to make a monthly event of meeting up for makeup shopping or something makeup related and drinks/dinner (ha! If I can afford it afterwards.) I figure once a month, I can make it fun, splurge, and stay focused with a budget. I'm headed over to If you are in the area and are interested, sign up!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Got plans?


JANE said...

Damn, you look so good here. The makeup makes you glow! I love how "Exciting" looks on you. And I can't get over your brows. I hate mine cause I just don't have enough to work with :( And your pics make me want to rush out and get "Bare" and "Voile". Aww you have freckles on your lips - so do I! LOL Btw, thanks for leaving me a comment about my penis cookies. LOL. I'm glad someone can appreciate them ;)

Unknown said...

Kia, you should try Constructivist Paint Pot - it's a great neutral-ish shade for darker skins, but it has a lovely shimmer to it. I also love Reubenesque, which looks very soft and glowy on brown skin and is a great base for orange-y shades for anyone. Those are my favorites...

Mrs. Lynne, said...

you look good hun!!! i can;t even tell the circles until you point them out. isn't that how we all are? lol.

and udpp is how my paint pots work for me. speaking of this, you just gave me another post idea - thanks love!

and i think i'm part of the challenge indirectly seeing that my past posts have been using my loot, lol. but i will keep you accountable mom. dun, dun, dun,...

hope you and the babe are having a great weekend thus far :)

Seymone said...

Your pic is hot... It's looks very wearable.

Now I see I can go natural and still look very professional because I knew if I went natural again. I would get locks.

I would come to a meetup. Are you close to Howard Univ

(g)ezebel said...

LOL -- dork, you don't have dark circles like that!!!

really? "Bare" is like VG5 (which i also love)? i might hafta get it. i got Voile, too, and i love it!

i love my MSF pressed powder; i'm very, very interested in the loose powders now, especially after my fiasco with bare escentuals. :0/

Shawnta said...

295 is right outside my window so you know I'm down!

nilla cookie said...

Lovin' the lip combo in your FOTD - seriously! I have both colors and I'm going to rock it right now - even though I'm just sitting on the couch watching 8 Mile - maybe Eminem will notice me!! ;)

I couldn't even tell you had circles until you pointed it out - and even then I can't really tell!

Thanks for the lip swatches too, Bare looks HOT on you!

Hope you're having a good weekend, Miss Kia!

PS - the brows are lookin' fab!!

Elizabeth said...

your brows are perfect! perfect arch and perfect shape, come do mine!!!!! Im sick of mine :(

Danyelle said...

Dito, your eyebrows are so neat; they're perrrrfect!! If you ever come down to Florida's capital city, hit me up. I would love to have a makeup soiree or something.... ;o)

B said...

Yums mannnn, yesssss, I looove the lips. Slimshines look really hot on you!

Vanessa said...

You have some smokin' hot lips!

BabyDoll said...

Good post. The face looks beautiful, I have been struggling with dark circles lately too so I feel your pain although I didn't notice them until you pointed them out. They are that bad at all. We could all use some extra rest!

I am very interested in the MSF loose powders.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Oh p.s. I went to Richmond for Nneka's Spring/Summer collection "Arm Candy" launch. It was really nice!

(g)ezebel said...

girrrrl, i finished it 'cuz i kept thinking this sh*t has GOT to get better SOMEWHERE!! oh man, it sucked from beginning to end. GAH. *slams head on desk again*

do you know how dorky i would look, asian chick with long black hair, in a Pocahantas outfit? LOL!! i wonder if parents can try out for school mascot. hahaha

yummy411 said...

@ ladyjane: penis cookies are much appreciated! LOL.... thanks hun!

@ jen: thanks! i do have rubenesque on the way. i'll check out the others soon!

@ mrs. lynne: thanks! i'll be sure to read the post ;) i look forward to you pulling out the stash and making some looks! kiss the babies for me!

@ seymone: thanks sey sey! lol... def come. i work down at archives so i'm not too far =)

@ (g): a lot of times i really feel like i have circles that bad! LOL.. thanks for the confirmation. bare is in the VG family. i can't wait to see the powders!

@ shawnta: yay! another one!

@ nilla cookie: thank you!!! have a great weekend too!

@ elizabeth: thank you! these are rare times! so you'd def get sick of mine after a week!

@ hey danyelle: i'd have to ship mindy down there to you.. not me!

@ divine blackness: thank you! i don't like the wear of them though. lipglass lasts longer =/

@ vanessa: thank you! not as hot as yours!! ;)

@ baby doll: i def need some sleep. ohhh! don't tell me that. i was supposed to be there!

@ (g) that's some funny stuff right there! i love reading your blog! you have to do the suede outfit... we'll compete with stories on how we embarrass our kids! keep it up with the makeup challenge!

Anonymous said...

I'm down for the make-up meetup! Shoot me an e-mail!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

What a pretty look. :D Love it. :D

That beauty meetup thing sounds cool. Too bad I'm all the way in Cali. LOL. :D

the Muse said...

ugh I know the feeling about dark circles!

But you still manage to rock out anyway :) Beautiful look!

Bliss said...

Hiya, im new to your blog and found it through others heheh,this is a great beauty blog, first off all thats a beautiful natural look on you, i have the same probs with dark circles, hate them gotta find a great concealer heheh :)

Dollfaced Rebel said...

Penis Cookies? LOL

I need that Lip gloss in my life STAT!

yummy411 said...

@ toya: great! i'll let you know when things get started. charges =(

@ christianadivine: thank you! yeh, i wish we could do beuty meetup worldwide!

@ the muse: thank you!!!

@ bliss: thanks for stopping by! i'm headed over to check out your spot ;)

@ dollfaced rebel: hey they were ladyjane's idea, not mine! LOL! yes, get the lip combo. it's nice!!

Anonymous said...



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