Sunday, September 02, 2007


Hello All!
So you all know that I love YouTube videos for tutorials. YouTube isn't the only place I visit for some ideas and help. Check MySpace for some hot tuts and How-To's. I subscribe to Smashbox's blog. Here is a video on tightlining and lush lashes.

This video not only illustrates tightlining, but also dispels the mystery about blending in the crease! Watch!

Tightlining- it was a little hard to see what the artist Hank was doing because of the limited space and lighting, but the purpose of tightlining is to give the appearance of a clean, but super thick bed of lashes. Whether you are using a brush like in the video or your pencil, you are drawing a line at the base of the lashes. Your target is the base, but inevitably you will be making your line through and on your lashes. It is important to do this before your mascara. This technique is done from the top or it may even be easier for you (doing it on yourself) to go under the lashes. Pull up your lid a little and get to the base of those lashes.... try it!
Blending- try blending as Hank did, but before going to high on the brow bone, practice it out and see what you think. Knowing your eye shape/type and the look you are going for will help in this process. Sometimes you don't get to that point until AFTER practicing this a few times.

Yummy glam!


Anonymous said...

Great tutorial yummy! I feel as though I can master that eye.... Good lookin out


yummy411 said...

mutha, I'm glad! I know you can do it.. just remember to practice =)

Hairlicious Inc. said...

I was on the edge of my seat with that tutorial. I am a newbie and I loved it. I want more!!!