Tuesday, October 17, 2006


(mainly lipgloss, and blush, and shadows, umm bronzer, consolidated items, oh yeh, polish, whew and cute cosmetic bags....err.... everything!)
  • My purse weighs probably a good 20lbs. because of my makeup. I usually can't decide what's essential.. and who knows what I'll need!
  • Yes, Sephora, Ulta, beauty supply stores, beauty sections in all drugstores, WalMarts and Targets are heaven!
  • As much as I buy and return, I still have a big box of cosmetic doom and lose.
  • I check about 10 beauty blogs daily (my morning cup of coffee.)
  • I peruse the perfume sections of all fragrance departments of all department stores... and those stores I mentioned above.
  • I travel and call all distances for this sweet indulgence.
  • I secretly plan to work for MAC, even if it's in the advertising department.
  • I make makeup-to-buy lists.
  • I tear pages from magazines to keep as a reference for a look or product.
  • I ask the same questions of different people and makeup artists just to see how the answers differ.
  • I'm hoping my makeup obsession won't come between me and a significant other.
  • I buy the same products of different lines/variations just to compare them... cream vs. blush; cheap vs. expensive; pigment loose powder vs. pressed, etc.
  • I was lead to read a book because it was described as "as much fun as lipgloss."
  • I wear makeup about once a week.

Why I don't need to be admitted to a rehab just yet:

  • I haven't called other countries for a cosmetic item.
  • I haven't paid over $100 for one single product.
  • I don't own an expensive brush set (yet!)
  • I'm not starving because of my addiction.
  • I haven't lost my home or family to my obsession.
  • I haven't had a nervous breakdown because of a product being discontinued.
  • I haven't gotten into makeup and applications books (only web and tv.)


Ugochi said...


Beauty 365
Beauty Every Day

Anonymous said...

hey wow u sound like me. i do a lot of the things u do. most importtant: have so much fun doing it!!

yummy411 said...

hi anon! it is fun, but then sometimes i have withdrawals, and buyer's remorse =( LOL! thanks for letting me know i'm not alone in the club!