Monday, March 31, 2008

Yummy411: 1980's FOTD Challenge!

I was made in the 80's! Here's a review of American Cultural History 1980-1989!

This decade for me was The Baby-sitters Club, bamboo earrings, Gumby haircuts, being born into Hip Hop as a culture, two turntables and a microphone (reference this for images), Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Silver Spoons, The Color Purple, ET, and the Goonies. Educational television was a positive trend: Schoolhouse Rock, Square 1, etc! Don't forget about the "Just say NO to drugs" campaign as the drugs ran rampid through many communities. Ok, now who remembers The Garbage Pail Kids?? What desire did we have to collect these cards, buying them from the ice cream truck with candy cigarettes.. why??? LOL! Terrible I tell you.

To commemorate this decade of good and bad, some beauty bloggers and myself challenged ourselves to replicate the makeup. Honestly, I wanted to explore and replicate makeup that was popular among many black women during that decade. I didn't find many images (also the women in my family didn't wear much makeup), but from what I remember the bottom lid was always lined and the red lipstick was always in tact! I took a bit from every where and put together a look that I may have worn had I been old enough to wear makeup LOL!

Make up used:

Face: Milani Even Toned Powder Foundation in Warm Sand 05

Cheeks: MAC Fashion Frenzy powder blush

Eyes: Jesse's Girl loose powder pigment (goldish green color) on lid, Loreal HiP creme liner (blue) to line top lid, MAC Prankster from Fafi Eyes 2 in outer corner and crease, Maybelline's Line Stylist in Sapphire Glimmer to line bottom lid and waterline

Lips: MAC Magenta liner with Milani Glitzy Gloss in First Class

Magazine Bow tie in hair: thanks to my 12 y/o sister!

To complete the look, I would be wearing a jean skirt with purple leggings, LA Gear sneakers with purple and pink slouch socks... you know we layered pink and purple on one foot and alternated on the other, with coordinating glitter laces, and yes, the LA gear tag hanging!

Check out my other friends in the beauty blogosphere sharing the 80's love with their FOTDs!!

The Muse
Beautyful Habit
Nilla Cookie
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Mrs. Lynne
Christiana Divine

Thanks for participating ladies!!!!!!!

Making you feel good in the 80's:

Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy411: Coastal Scents Sale 15% Off

Coastal Scents has oxides and pigments on sale for 15% off for a limited time only!
Check out the sale here!

Yummy411: Here Comes the Break! FOTD

Okay, my title has nothing to do with this post besides the fact that I'm trying to boost my energy for my idea for my 80's challenge look. However, the song that really stays on my brain and makes me daydream of being a princess on a cloud in a tutu, silver chucks and lipgloss galore is RockStar. Yeh, I'm grown but I need to do the tutu thing once. I never did it as a little girl.

Another funk has arisen and I feel whatever makeup I try to put together doesn't go. Maybe it's because I don't have a focus.. a natural look, a smokey look, a bright look, an evening look... who knows.

I played in makeup trying to do a simple look you might see in Marie Claire or something. A lot of times, the models will look pretty and fresh, but with barely anything on! It amazes me how great they look, with a minimalist approach to makeup. So I tried a subdued look (I usually prefer bolder looks with shimmer), lashes (I buy so many pairs and most of them go to clients or for my portfolio photo shoots and I never try them and go glam) and some of my new brushes, trying to formulate an opinion for my review of them.

Eeks! I can't remember all of what I used, but here are some of the highlights to help make the look

FACE- suntwist beauty powder with my new large badger brush. I like, I like! Margin blush (ooh I'm falling in love all over again) on my cheeks with my #187 dupe that's not pink (sad face).... so far so good!

EYES- hmmmm Milani's Taffy e/s for highlight, a medley of browns cuz this started out as smokey brown look, but then MAC's Eyepopping was staring at me and I applied that to the inner corner with my pointed fluff crease duet brush... (pretty decent for a cheap brush) and Red Earth's yellow (MS108) at the tear duct. La la la! I used Loreal HiP cream blue liner on top lid (SO FREEKIN HOT!) applied with my angle brush from my synthetic brush set.. great for the consistency of the HiP liner and lastly.... Adel #117 falsies... #117 or 116. I need to hit Mindy up ASAP!

LIPS: worn down 1N lipglass and an old lipglass called Digital Jade.

That's all folks... I have so much I want to post about but my camera's dying a slow death. Why you ask? Okay you didn't, but I must vent since my cam is like 50% of my blog. Either my little sister who plays paparazzi to herself or Babyyums broke the casing around the battery compartment which then leaves the batter door ajar. I get about 3 -5 picks before the camera croaks. I planned to buy a new one anyway, but this one still worked!

Coming up: Milani Runway eye shadows, Loreal Infallible Lip Color, and my new brushes review!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yummy411: Reminder- 80's Look Challenge 3-31-2008

Hola mulheres!

A quick reminder that we are posting our 80's look on 3-31-2008; that's Monday!
I'm so excited to see what we all come up with!

The basics:
-post your 80's themed look on 3-31-2008
-tell us what you used to create the look
-link other participating bloggers that can be found here

Check out what I dug up and found:

Aww Pursebuzz!!

Have fun ladies!

Reader Nordia wanted to see Petite Four l/g (soft melon, coral with barely there silver pearl) on my lips:

(no flash)


Thanks for stopping by the blog Nordia! HTH!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yummy411: Powder Blush and Blush Brushes

(photo credit)

During the last posted conversation of blending brushes between Nikkia and I, a commenter MACa6325xi requested (powder) blush as a topic. I've discussed blushes and brushes before (with great recommendations from readers in the comments), but the makeup junkies that we are didn't find that a problem at all. How to present all of the joy, thoughts, ramblings, etc. was something else!

We came to a consensus first on our favorite brushes by skill level:
(We are referring to the brushes by MAC style and numbers. Among most of us, that seems universal. You don't have to buy MAC, choose a similar styled brush.)

If you are a newbie to blush: try #187 (stippling/skunk brush)
This brush applies ample color and blends well. It provides a light hand with blush, if you don't have one or don't know yet.

Any skill level with brushes or blush: try #168 angled brush
The generic blush brush that will sweep blush onto the cheeks and frankly, gets the job done.

For moderate to advanced users with blush: try #109 small contour brush, #138 tapered face brush
This brush is hot (#109)! Careful use is required for blush application with this dense and soft brush, but great in the arsenal because it's multi-purpose (buffs and applies foundation beautifully also!)
Awesome pointed brush (#138) deceives with its fluffy softness, but careful application is required because of it's size. Using the gentle tip skillfully is an art to master! It's also used for contouring, a moderate to advanced skill.


Next we chose our favorite powder blushes by skin tone and skill level.

Darker skin tones (Recommendations by Nikkia)-

Newbie- Gingerly (soft golden peach, barely there)

Moderate- Slave to Love (sweet rose for darker skin tones), Sweet as cocoa (chocolate brown with gold pearl)

Advanced- Ambering Rose (Not advanced? Use the #187 duo fibre stippling brush!), Blunt to contour (muted golden brown)

Light to Medium skin tones (Recommendations by me!)-

Newbie- Trace of Gold (fairy light gold with shimmer) you can't go wrong or too heavy. Nice as a highlight

Newbie to Moderate- Sunbasque (gilded peach with pearl), Sincere (light, medium muted beige coral)

Advanced- Harmony (matte muted rose beige brown), Dollymix (pure candy pink with shimmer) Remember, the #187 is key!

Thanks to Seymone chiming in, she shared her recommendations for Deep Dark Skin tones...

Deep Dark skin tones (nw45-nw60)

Newbie- Springsheen

Newbie to Moderate - Serenly(beauty powder blush), Raizin

Advanced- Devil(Pro), Frankly Scarlett
Like Dollymix, but looks ashy on you? Salsarose(pro) or Azelea(pro) is better.

(Thanks Sey Sey! ;))

We could go on forever about blush, but we wanted to fulfill the specific request. I hope this helped! Now go out there and flirt with the new Beauty Powder blushes! Hopefully, in the near future, I'll supplement this post with pics!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yummy411: On Makeup Mag; Coastal Scents Brushes

I got my first On Makeup Magazine a little while ago and didn't have a chance really to take in the information from the pages until now. When I first got it, I didn't see a book full of photos, but more text than anything. Being rather new to the makeup biz, I'm first attracted to inspiring images. However, this time around I read some of that text and read some great interviews and tips. I'll have to carry it in my work bag so that I can read it when I have a moment or two on the Metro. There's a lot to read and learn. Oooh and there's a section on Burlesque artists and makeup! Info on more people than Dita von Tease.. yay! Do you have a subscription? What do you think so far?

I got my order of Coastal Scents makeup brushes today! Finally! I was hoping to purchase a complete second set, one for clients and I can keep my personal set just for me.

I ordered: (*Highlights of the bunch are in bold.)

-Duo fibre stippling brush (I ORDERED PINK AND GOT BLACK.. I'M SO SAD!! It's $8 so I'll order again, but dang! I want my pink brush. My order says PINK!..well at least I thought!
-Supreme Synthetic 15pc brush set w/ case
-Pink kabuki
-Italian Badger Buffer Brush Large
-Large Paddle Face brush (like MAC's 134)
-Chisel fluff /pointed crease duet brush
These highlights are based on my first impressions. I haven't used all of them fully yet.

Italian Badger is soft and dense, but firm enough. I love that. I've noticed that synthetic hair bristles that are supposed to be super soft, aren't as firm to move the product like I like. What do you all think?

The Large Paddle Face Brush should be a winner! Think of a huge MAC#239 and a powder brush in one! I'm guessing that this would provide great powder coverage for those that like to wear powders only (Nikkia pinpointed this one, so order this from Coastal Scents first Nikkia!)

The chisel fluff and pointed crease duet brush is nice. Although I found it in two *sad face* the shader half picks up color nicely and the pointed crease half can be comparable to a tiny #224 blending brush (not as pointed as though.) A little super glue will be okay.

Next, I'm looking forward to ordering the mini badger brush set and my pink stippling brush!! Grrr!

Any favorite Coastal Scents brushes I should add to my next order?

Yummy411: Heatherette Roundup!

Most of you were uber excited about this collection? Did it live up to it's hype?

I played into my mental excitement, but the tiny little display didn't get much love from the counter I visited. Trying to be in the pink Heatherette mood, I went ahead and took a chance at a couple of items: Melrose Mood (only during a Heatherette event would I mingle with a lipstick like this), the pale pink lipstick... a la Proenza Pink. I got my first love of the collection, Lollipop Lovin. Isn't the name too cute to pass up? Lastly, I picked up the gold reflects glitter since I missed out on it during holiday '07 and the Antiqued Gold Reflects glitter didn't quite meet my expectations. Still debating on the 3D glitter ;)

I want to go back for more.. the packaging, the packaging!! So, since I want something else, can you all recommend something?? I thought about the beauty powder in Smooth Harmony (1- re promote from the highly acclaimed Diana Ross collection, 2- I'm a beauty powder whore and the Fafi ones didn't rub me the right way, 3- I'm tired of bronzers. I want something else..more!)

Other things, I passed up on and why-
-Bonus Beat l/g- looked like c thru with shimmer
-Fleshpot l/s- Concealer will do
-Sock Hop- another cream coral.... anything special about this? I have Petite Four from sweetie cakes, which is a pinky coral. I thought I'd use that (since I've barely touched it) as a sub.
-the hot pink l/s and l/g- on my b2m list.. I thought I got the bright fix from Fafi?
-Smooth Harmony BP- another bronzer type powder? I've barely touched my beloved Warmed MSF
-Alpha Girl BP- too bright of a baby pink for me
-Eye shadow palettes- the green in Trio 1 reminded me of shimmermoss (I see Brit and I think alike!) Trio 2, basic colors that I think I have
-Liners- glitter liners.. I'm over after the holidays and have barely touched that set
-3D silver glitter--- love it, but scuuuurrred. I'm over 18. Can I rock it?!
-nail lacquer in $$$ Yes- gotta have. Don't quite remember the other.

Are these estimations correct? (I'm always looking for someone to talk me into buying something LLOLOL!)

Fafi- great with the selections and variety of color
Heatherette- best packaging!
Barbie- excelled in both categories hands down!

Check out The MAC Fetish to hear about Erin's fabulous and funny Heatherette experience!

I think this will curb my excitement for collections. I do however stay amped for collections with HOT packaging!!!

What did you love/hate? Tell me! Help me to pick out some other stuff?! Past collection must haves???

Yummy411: Maybelline Define A Lash Volume Mascara

Because of the rave reviews of this mascara, specifically by Slvrlips (Nikkia) and Seymone, I picked up Maybelline's Define-A-Lash Volume mascara during one of the many BOGO's at CVS.

Being a mascara fiend and trying just about everything, I eventually settled on Dior Show, then the less expensive Loreal Voluminous mascara. Nothing could wow me at this point. I was right.

This is a nice mascara, but having being part of the Lash Exact craze that went down last year, this is a close little cousin. The brush didn't wow me at all either. The dip in the center made the brush a bit wonkier to handle. It lengthened and defined my lashes nicely and naturally, but the volume wasn't the volume that I knew a mascara could deliver. Whenever I'm wearing Loreal Voluminous, I usually get asked if my lashes are falsies or not.

All in all, underwhelming. I guess I got a cute tube of pink mascara to add to the collection?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yummy411: Milani Glitzi Gloss in All About Me

I've been meaning to tell you all about this product, specifically the All About Me shade. It's a dazzling red with great depth! There's a metallic sheen, not as red, but orange and sometimes a bit of pink. I love it! Think MAC holidays Queen's Sin. I think it also looks great on any skintone! My older sister tried Milani back in the day and had no success with it. She tried this on and she's converted.... oh where do we get her started??
I love this shade as a holiday party lippie (see that's how long I've been meaning to point this out to you all) but because of it's orange and sometimes deep red/pink tones to it, it's a bold color for any season! Check it out at a CVS near you, where Milani is buy one, get one half off this week!

Swatches on the lips:

(no flash)

Sorry, the color is sloppily applied without a liner.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yummy411:Say Hello To...


We work together and she let me start her day with a simple makeover!

Products used:

Eyes: UDPP all over lid, Layin Low paint pot all over lid, Soba eye shadow on lid, Texture e/s and Brown e/s from my Christian Dior Palette in crease, sparkling black e/s from the Christian dior palette on outer v, Vanilla e/s to highlight, Fascinating eye kohl to line water line, black e/s to line lower lid, cork e/s and a smidge of black e/s in brows, her own black eyeliner to lightly line lid, and Loreal Voluminous on the lashes!

Lips: cork liner and her c-thru gloss

Face: nothing, she's naturally radiant!

Thanks Muthasfynest! And you don't look like Noxeema!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yummy411: Heatherette Online!

Preview and order items from the highly anticipated pink Heatherette collection online now... or I'll see you in the stores on Thursday!

Need more info to help makeup your mind? Check out some Specktra swatches for help =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yummy411: 5 Makeup Crimes

Thanks Nywele for the tag and coming up with a cute meme!

(photo credit)

Here are my 5 Makeup Crimes:

1. Sleeping in makeup-- I try, I try....
2. Shopping for makeup like it's a sport, especially when a toddler is in tow! "Start the timer, 2o mins, go!"
3. Swatching my hands to death... even going up my arms. Finally, the MA silently hands over a wipe. I refuse because I have to contemplate and compare.
4. Not getting beauty sleep, but constantly on a hunt for the best concealer.
5. When I was younger, I would try to touch up my brows with a razor, dry! Sans moisturizer, and all. Once my friend pulled me to the side and told me that my eyebrows were bleeding... Bloody Mary!

Tagging: Mrs. Lynne, Nilla Cookie, (g), Nessa, and Makeup Junkie Joy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yummy411: Coastal Scents Reviews, Happy St. Patty's Day.. Almost

What's the craic fellow beauty junkies!?

This my friend is the Crescent Fluff Shader brush from Coastal Scents. Intriguing little brush. How do you use it you wonder? Dip each end of the brush in different mineral shadows, sweep across lid for dual shades. Aha! Try it out for yourself- $2.95 at Coastal Scents.

Mineral makeup lovers! This is a mineral cosmetic eyeliner by Pencil Me In. This pencil comes in a variety of shades, sparkle or none. The sparkle pencils don't have an overwhelming amount of chunky glitter and can barely be seen. The liner glides on your skin and even has a sharpener conveniently located in the cap.

Find this and other mineral pencils at Coastal Scents for $6.99.

(swatches top to bottom: mineral eye shadow in Rose Sparks, mineral eye shadow in Hi Light Violet made by the crescent fluff brush, Pink Lady Sparks mineral eyeliner)
Check out Coastal Scents makeup brushes. (I def. do! I'm always on a prowl for a good brush!) They've added 15 brushes with new PINK handles... yummy! I'm definitely getting the duo fibre stippling brush with a pink handle!

I'm sure many are still out at the bars this St. Patty's Day, you maybe blog hopping or YouTube shopping for some green looks.. who knows... I, however, did somewhat of a green fotd, because it's not quite St. Patty's Day for me, almost.

I showed my Fafi Eyes 2 Quad some love by using the yellow shade on my lid, the dark blue on the outer half/v, soft brown on my 'banana', magic dust e/s as my highlight, the green shade was on my bottom lid. I lined my top and bottom lids with Loreal HiP color crayon in green. Fascinating eye kohl was on my waterline, and Loreal Voluminous mascara on the peepers. I have Improper Copper cream color base on my cheeks and 1N lipglass on my lips!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Yummy411: Verdict- Barbie Collection Better Than Fafi

The results are in (now that we are way off of our Fafi high and anxiously awaiting the MAC Heatherette collection) on the Barbie vs. Fafi collections poll. The majority had super high expectations of the Fafi collection, but 88% of the voters said that Fafi did not prevail- the Barbie collection stands superior. Does Heatherette stand against Barbie? Will we get stickers this go round? Will the colors and shades be universal? The countdown has started over at the right.....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yummy411: 5 Must Not Have Beauty Items

Wow! I'm loving this tag game! This is the best topic. There are so many great items out there, but learning about the bad stuff without the personal experience is hard to come by. Thanks to Shawnta, she tagged me to participate.

Here goes:
(Umm this is actually kind of hard for me. Remember that this is my list and my preferences, not a general list. Most of the items I hated, I returned them so quickly, I don't remember them or didn't review at all.)

1. Sensual Amber (Bath and Body Work) I used to love this little fragrance, until my sister got the gift set for Christmas in a cute little leopard bag (Cheetalicious! LOL). She's forever ruined my fondness of amber! I can't stand it now! Whenever I smell it, I feel like I've got a stick of incense stuck in my nose.

2. Some natural oils. I know they are healing, soothing and all those other good things, but they remind me of incense oils, which is woodsy like sensual amber body wash in a hot shower, like incense stuck in my nose! No thanks!

3. Thin 'moisturizing' lipsticks or lip colors... no thanks!

4. Loose powders with insecure tops (talking to you Jesse's Girl!) Hot dang! Every time I look up, I'm cleaning up some powder from the casing never being closed good enough!

5. Wet N Wild's liquid color liners and the shimmer/illuminating cream. The liner was too streaky. Maybe it was the applicator? The cream, stayed an emollient, greasy cream. Great colors for summer; wear them never... no thanks!

Tag 5- everyone is pretty much participating, but there are a few more that I'd love to hear from: Brown Girl Gumbo , Beauty Junkie in SF, Claire's Auntie, MandyPandy (Is it too much to ask for you to throw in a special little post for me??), and Liz @ My Beauty Spot. If you haven't been tagged yet, feel free to share with us in the comments!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yummy411: High End vs. Drugstore- MAC Strobe Cream vs. Wet N Wilds' Illuminating Lotion

This is for all of you that have doubts about Strobe Cream and Liquid. Here's a drugstore item that's comparable: Wet n Wilds' St. Tropez Illuminating Lotion #988.

This product comes in a few different colors- a clear gel with sparkles, a very bronzey bronze lotion and this one, white lotion with a pink iridescence. I bought this about two years ago to mix in with my foundation... being on the hunt to look 'ethereal'

Here's the product:

A few swatches:

Need to see swatches of the Strobe items to compare? Check out Mrs. Lynne for them.

I couldn't quite capture the pinkish glow, but it shows a bit peach here. I think it's worth a try for the price tag of $2.99-$3.99. It's not moisturizing. It also may cast some what of a whitish cast depending on your skintone if used alone. For reference I'm NC 35-37 and it blended pretty well for me and worked well with my foundation. Because I like to be over the top, it's rather subtle for my taste, but a great product to try nonetheless. Check it out for yourself!

Don't bother trying to find it on the website. I couldn't find it on there when I bought it and I still can't find the product on there now =( If you ever find this and try it, tell me what you think.

*Please use this product sparingly or be sure not to skimp on your regular skincare. (i.e. going to sleep in your makeup.) If you do, I think this may be a product that will aggrevate skin (see a breakout/pimple or two).

Yummy411: TUBEYourLash Mascara Review

Mascara fiends, this is for you! TUBEYourLash Mascara is a new mascara that follows the trend of tubing the lash, hence its name.

Cheat sheet review:

Product: 5 out of 5- It lives up to its claims!
Packaging: 4 out of 5- Your standard sleek, black packaging. Nothing cheesy like Rimmel mascaras can be.
Product made for me: 1 out of 5- I like volumizing formulas.

They say the mascara "tubes your lash, is long lasting, won't move until you are ready to take it off, better than waterproof, easy to remove. " Yes, the mascara is all of that as this got a trial run while my allergies attacked reminding me that Spring is near. For that, the product gets a 5 out of 5.

While it didn't satisfy the thick lash girl in me, it did define my lashes a little too well. I haven't been giving my lashes any TLC lately, so they are getting rather wimpy and scraggly (is that a word? lol). The formula of this mascara enhanced that by defining them and tubing the wimp lashes of mine. I wonder how this would work in conjunction with a voluminzing mascara? Would it take away from the formula? I would love this more if the formula wrapped thick tubes around my lashes.

This is for you if:

-you have naturally thick lashes,
-have watery eyes,
-love the natural lash look,
-or want something that will give ultra definition to your lashes

Not for you if:

-have thin to no lashes to begin with
-you love thick, voluminous lashes,
-want volume
-want volume
-or want volume

Yummy411: More on MUFE Flash Colors

Okay, so I think I'll have to give the MUFE Flash Colors a second chance. Especially since I want the silver color, a great dupe for the Metal X Virgin Silver I passed up for its weird consistancy.

Here's the link to a cool video. I had it up, but it only allows auto play.. and i don't like that.

(G) did you get yours yet? Where's the review?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Yummy411: EOTD 2-08-2008

For you MuthasFynest!

Thanks for the Dior palette... it does get some use =)

I'm also working on your request!

Yummy411: Makeup Obsessed Anonymous

I was thinking of creating a site for those of us that need to vent about our addiction to makeup without being judged and keeping anonymity. Well running that site and this one would be a bit rough right now, I'll get to that later. However, I will start posting here.

Are you makeup obsessed?

How you know you are addicted and need rehab-

You buy makeup at the drugstore, beauty supply, ordering online, wherever you can for a fix in between collections coming out.

Today, I found myself doing foul play: I was recruiting, trying to find converts. Randomly changing conversation to makeup. "Are you going to the trend show at Nordstroms?" (or other times I might strike convo in the beauty aisles of drugstores and makeup counters. It's like a cat sniffing out a rat.) Fortunately for me, I told my friend about something regarding makeup and she asked me was I going to the trend show first! Usually, I have to keep convo and my over analyzing of an eye shadow or concealer to a minimum so that others without the addiction, won't catch on to our secret and debilitating obsession. Specktra was secret for me for a long time. I didn't want people to know how crazy I was about makeup!

Share, if you will, about your obsession. You can choose to reply under anonymous...................

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Yummy411: EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes

Hola mujeres!

I know some of you have already gone green and have become Earth conscious to help keep our Earth in shape for many years to come. However, Paris Presents has brought 'going green' to a different part of our lifestyle... bath, body and cosmetic tools! I'm really excited.

When I became interested in makeup, I began to learn about the tools of the trade, the cosmetic brushes. I was hearing about badger and beaver brushes, synthetic and goat hair. So much to choose from, but I was a bit disheartened by the use of animal hair for cosmetic uses. I eventually got used to the idea, though it's something that sits unsettled in the back of my mind. Now, Paris Presents brings us EcoTools Cosmetic Brushes! These Earth-friendly brushes have bamboo handles and super soft synthetic taklon bristles- cruelty free!

For inexpensive brushes with the Earth in mind, I'm totally impressed. Let me count the ways:

1. Even the ferrule is recycled aluminum.

2. Each brush comes in a reusable & biodegradable EVA cosmetic pouch.

3. Each pouch has a green tip for you!

4. These brushes are available in stores like Kmart and Walmart.

5. Ok, get this. I splurged on my #138 brush. Loves it! My older sister came over and I stroked her face with the EcoTools blush brush and then with the #138. I didn't tell her what kind of brush the second brush was. I was just messing around on her face. She was like "Hey, that EcoTools brush is softer than the other brush." My brow lowered with disbelief. You know I had my MAC shield on. What? Some other brush felt better than my expensive MAC brush? I told her what the second brush was and asked was she sure. She looked at me as if to say, 'Yeh, it's true.' I had to step back and just brush my own face with the brushes. She was right.

Great brushes. Great value. Great purpose! If it's trendy now to go green, then I hey, I'll be trendy! Check out their assortment of bath and body products.

Brushes I favor: The powder and blush brushes, the angle brush, the brow brush with lash comb, and the foundation brush (I like it with my airmist foundation).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yummy411: My Beauty Today and Other Random Stuff

Listening to: Sarah Bareilles- How many the miles (check the sidebar on the myflashfetish music player)

Song of the week: Usher's Love in the This Club. I love the R&B disco feel! Not feeling Jeezy. LOL @ Mark's review.

A drink in hand, contemplating taking a club piece home... hell naw!

Musical confession: anticipating the album of Tiffani Evans. I was forced fed Miley Cyrus, what do you expect?!

Choice of lipgloss today: Viva Glam 6 SE

Makeup: None yet...

Beauty product of the day: tarte's bronzer in Park Avenue Princess.

On my nails: Still Milani's Purple Passion. Next- MAC's Nightfall. I'm over the black phase, but I never got to try it (black with silver frost, that sometimes looks blue, gray or black).. or Girls Will Be Girls.

Fragrance: Would have been Deseo, but I'm seriously contemplating returning for my crush, Marc Jacobs Daisy. I told you the bottle was mesmerizing!

Surprise product of the day: Dove Pro Age Day Moisturizer. Creamy, light and non greasy! Score!

You should know: Target has a lot of stuff on clearance in the beauty and health aisles. Loreal HiP is BOGO again at CVS (thanks Brit!) LashBlash is on sale with CVS card as well. I got my waterproof version! Oh yeh, in honor of Sey Sey and Nikkia, Maybelline's Define a Lash is BOGO as well. The Strobe Collection is up on MAC's site.

Thoughts on makeup: Nikkia and I were talking about our comfort zones with makeup and how we don't really go outside of that. I need to step out of my comfort box when it comes to makeup. For example, using mineral concealers like Christianadivine showed us. Looks so easy, but I'm still a bit apprehensive. Do you have one? What's something different that you'd like to embrace in makeup?

Shows that kept me glued to the tube: Best Dance Crew, Making the Band 3 (I swore I was not watching) and BET College Hill Reunion (I loved College Hill 4 Virgin Islands.. *VANESSA* is preggers!)

What's going on with you ladies today?

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Yummy411: Reader question- skincare regimen, choosing foundation

I got a reader question! I love them! Keep them coming! This one is from Karla:

"Hi Yummy 411: Let me say that I love your blog. Your instructional posts and product recommendations have been more than helpful. I have two questions. First, what is your skin regime? What products do you use? Your skin looks great. Lastly, even though I use MAC products I'm interested in the Cover Girl queen collection. How do I pick a foundation? My skin color is a little darker than yours. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Take care,


Hi Karla! Thank you Karla and thanks for reading. I'm glad you find the blog useful!

First question: my skin regimen. I hope I don't disappoint you Karla, but it's nothing fancy. I use CVS (like Walgreens or Duane's depending on your region) daily pore oil-free facial cleanser with micro scrubbers. It's gentle, lathers, smells nice, and exfoliates at a great price. It simply gets the job done. Some formulas of gentle exfoliators aren't as gentle, the beads/scrubbers are sparse, this one gets it just right in my opinion. Next, I tone with Nivea Visage Alcohol Free Moisturizing Toner. It's the winter, so I prefer products that will help embed some moisture. Lastly, I use whatever sample moisturizer I have laying around. If I don't have a great FGWP (free gift with purchase) Lancome spf sample laying around, I like to use CVS light facial moisturizer or Johnson and Johnson's Clean and Clear facial moisturizer. When my skin is feeling especially dry, I'll use an Oil of Olay sensitive skin moisturizer. I would love to use other products but for daily, constant use I need to be able to get products at the drop of a dime.

Second question: how to choose a foundation, particularly the CoverGirl foundations from the Queen Collection. Great choice! First, have you decided what coverage you like? Powder or oil-free liquid for light to medium coverage for all skin types (use together for even more coverage) and oil-free cream foundation for medium to heavy coverage (not the heaviest of coverages that may be offered at the counters) for normal to combination skin. It states that it is oil free, but for oily skin it might feel a bit uncomfortable or at least use it during colder weather.

Now after deciding which formula is right for you, it's time to decide on the color. In the drugstore it's a bit harder, but doable. Find two or three colors that are close to your skin tone. At home, do the (two or) three stripe test on the jaw to get a good match between face and neck.

Which foundation would be good for me?

Here are the shades blended out a bit. What do you think?

Clearly, the first one would be too dark for me. The second and third actually work. It's just my preference on which one I will use. I actually like a bit of color so I use the second color. After finding the right color for you, try the foundation by applying a sheer layer. Not enough coverage? Layer once more. Remember the liquid can be used with a powder on top to keep shine away and for a bit more coverage.

Now, you can either return the other foundations that you've decided weren't matches for you or keep the slightly darker color for the summer time when you will become a shade or two darker. I use (and two of the colors pictured above are) Rich Sand and Amber Glow. You may choose to go a bit darker and use Classic Bronze or Almond Glow. Good luck to you! I hope this helps!

[ETA] Tips: for those of you that have been dabbling in foundation a bit, but need a little more help.

1. We've tried the jaw test to see what color works. Now when applying, remember to do swatches of the foundation on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin and blend outward. By the time the foundation makes it to the jaw, hairline, etc. it's sheer and barely there eliminating the mask look.

2. Does it feel thick or cakey? Maybe you've applied too much? Sheer it out with moisturizer (Use oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin.) or MAC's Fix +. Dab the moisturizer in spots on your face or pick it up with the brush/sponge and continue to blend out the foundation. If you use the Fix +, spray your brush or sponge with it a few times (to saturate it a touch) and continue to blend it out. Are you using powder only? Does the powder look to powdery or cakey. Use the Fix + as a finishing spray to bring down the dull powder look.

3. Brushes. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Different tools give different results, however, using moisturizer/Fix + and a bit of the foundation keeps the application light and layerable. I personally love MAC's #109 (application and buffing in one) and #187 (light application) . A sponge does the job, but I find it eats (soaks up) the product. Don't be afraid to use a finger to dab or help blend spots as needed.

4. Lastly, if you just can't get the application and color down, visit a counter. Ask questions, takes notes if you have to. Take those suggestions and run with it! *Smile*

This doesn't come over night. Just takes a little practice. I want to thank my sister Antoinette and Nikkia for the answers to my questions, suggestions and even using their faces for practice!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Yummy411: What's Your Best Beauty Purchase?

Hi lovelies! So much makeup, so little time. What has been your best beauty purchase in the last 3 months?

Me? Thinking quickly, I'm in love with Not So Innocent lipstick from the Fafi collection, Lightflush MSF from the N Collection, the #222 MAC blending brush and paint pots!

How about you? I wanna hear! I need a product that wows me, moves me, can add spice to my life!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yummy411: Sephora Visit and Finds

The other day when I went to MAC and talked the MA to death, I had previously gone over to Sephora. One of my closest MAC freestanding stores is right next door to Sephora.... a beautiful hell I tell you!

I perused the aisles and came across the Dior display. I always like to see the newest collection's special edition items. They are all beautiful, but nothing draws me in like the lip products. A few years ago I had a special Dior lip gloss, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in Linen Beige. Full of shine and dimensional shimmer, but in a comfortable nude shade. I loved it to pieces, but what I didn't love was the doe foot applicator and the taste that it left in my mouth. I've since let it collect dust in the bottom of a purse. Besides, at times it didn't fulfill my need to feel gloss on my lips after two hours and the grittiness of the shimmer sometimes bothered me. This time at Sephora, I tried on the gloss, it actually has a brush and not much of that bad taste! Super excited. These improvements definitely helped me to bypass the grittiness and the somewhat thin formula of the Dior Ultra Gloss. I want more (eeek @ the $24.50 price tag)!

Next, I spotted the Makeup Forever Flash Colors. The same vibrant little pots I saw in the catalogue previously. (I love Sephora catalogues!) So exciting to see rich color! I had to take a stab and swatch. I swiped the fuchsia color on the back of my hand. *Apprehension looms and stifles my investigation any further* The formula is slick like paint, despite MUFE's claim that the formula is thick. I can't remember if I let it dry completely, but it stained my hand like a red lipstick when I went to remove it! Hmmmm, I decided that I'd keep my eye out for any application ideas or ways to work with this. I wasn't totally won over to spend the dollars. Ha! Vanessa read my mind twice over!! Check out her swatches and application (beautiful work!) From her experience, it confirmed that I'm not interested in buying them.. yet. She even tried it with my saving grace UDPP (It's the reason I love paint pots now). I just bought some McQueen collection items so as you can see, most things usually take some growing on me.

Lastly, after perusing the brushes (gotta find the MAC dupes or anything to help build the brush arsenal) and quickly scanning for any items that caught my eye, I settled on the tarte cheek stains...LOVE. Man, they have all different colors, bronzers, oh my! I so want more! But I resisted as my true excursion was made for the paint pots @ MAC! Now they have these delicious swirl stains. Is it swirled color and shimmer or...?? Oh I've got to know and check it out! Have any of you checked it out? Any feedback?? A seriously inquiring mind would like to know!

I just wanted to share that with you if any of you are on a makeup binge, trying to get your high at Sephora. Now you know what to definitely take a look at and what to be skeptical of, LOL!